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Toss the Boss

Over the Edge is an opportunity to raise funds as a team for a great cause, United Way of the Virginia Peninsula. Companies and organizations that decide to Toss their Boss also are eligible for sponsorship recognition at the event and in pre-event communications if they raise $3,000 or more.
If you have someone in mind, but need us to do the convincing, nominate them by sending us an email and we’ll contact them for you.
If your Boss is eager to go Over the Edge, just follow these four easy steps:
1. Gather your group. Send an internal e-mail, schedule an “important meeting,” plan a get together during happy hour. The more people participating, the better.
2. Find out if anyone else wants to join your Boss in going Over the Edge. Why should your Boss get to have all the fun?! Simply register rappelers on the main page.  It's that easy!
3. Communicate your team goal. Collectively, you and your team must raise a minimum of $1,000 in order to Toss Your Boss, but we encourage teams to set larger goals so you'll receive sponsorship perks! Reaching your team goal will be easy with our fundraising portal.
4. Start Fundraising. Time's a ticking! Most individuals and companies reach their goal in the first two weeks of their fundraising efforts.
Click on the 'Sign-Up' to be redirected to the Over the Edge registration portal to create your personalized fundraising page and start your fundraising process.  Sign in or create an account, and then follow the prompts to enter your contact details, and begin the process of creating your own personal fundraising page.

Have questions?  Contact us and one of our team members will get back to you soon.

Call us: 757-873-9328