Historic Triangle Drug Prevention Coalition (HTDPC)


The Historic Triangle Drug Prevention Coalition's (HTDPC) mission is to have a coordinated and collaborative approach to prevention, education and advocacy to decrease the negative impacts of substance use in the counties of James City and York and cities of Poquoson and Williamsburg.

Strategic Plan 2019-2024



Debbie Seussville of Mothers Against Drunk Driving (MADD) tells the story of Lauren, a life that was cut too short from the dangers of driving under the influence.


Visit the new Opioid Video Library on WmbgCares.org and learn about the dangers of prescription opioids, harm reduction and how to combat the opioid crisis. bvnv

To learn about the negative impacts of substance use in our community and year-round safe medication disposal sites, click on the following:



Dabbing Training Bulletin Campus Drug Prevention
(Resources for College/University Educators)
DEA Counterfeit Pills Fact Sheet Get Smart About Drugs
(Resources for Parents, Educators, and Caregivers)
DEA Counterfeit Pills - Public Safety Alert Just Think Twice
(Teachers Guide for High School Students)
Delta-8 Operation Prevention
(Teachers Guide for Elementary/Middle School Students)
Diphenhydramine VCU - Rise Above
Disposable Vapes & Pods Systems  
Drug Slang Terms  
E-Devices or Electronic Cigarettes & Vaporizers  
Electronic Dance Music (EDM) Festivals: Understanding the Culture   
Indica Sativa and Hybrid  
Marijuana Concentrated, THC Extractions* Glossary  
Marijuana: Indica, Sativa and Hybrids  
Over-the-Counter (OTC) Drugs - A Guide for Parents   
Red Ribbon into  
Safe Medication Disposal Sites - Williamsburg Area, York-Poquoson Area  
SAMHSA - Your Recovery is Important  
THC Crystalline   
The Dangers of Pain Medications   
Vape Pens   
VA State Opioid Response Grant 2019-20 Annual Report  



To learn more about the HTDPC and its efforts, visit the HTDPC Facebook Page.

Leadership (2021-2023)
Denise Kirschbaum, Chair
Amy Ashe, Vice-Chair

Sheri Newcomb, Secretary

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General Membership Meeting

Date: Fourth Monday at 9 a.m. of odd months (Jan., March, May, July, Sept. Nov.)

Sub-Committee Meetings

Prevention & Outreach Committee: 

(Developing a comprehensive social marketing campaign to carry out prevention and outreach activities)

Youth Committee:

(Engaging youth to be a part of the solution - collaboration with community leaders, creating education/outreach materials for their peers, participating in community events)


MHFA-Youth Training

Scattering CJ


Hidden in Plain Sight

Gateway Virtual Screening

Lunch & Learn Series


Hope Over Addiction

Town Hall Meeting