Our Staff

UWVP is a volunteer-directed organization. We are governed by a local volunteer Board of Directors that represents every sector and region that we serve. Our Executive Team is responsible for the day-to-day operation of UWVP. They manage such areas of work including; Community Impact, Marketing, Resource Development, Finance, and Public Policy. These dedicated teams are focused on creating lasting change.

Steven S. Kast
President and Chief Executive Officer
(757) 873-9328, Ext. 18 | skast@uwvp.org

Ane' Brinkman
Executive Assistant
(757) 873-9328 | abrinkman@uwvp.org

Courtney Dowd
Sr. Director of Finance 
(757) 873-9328, Ext. 14| cdowd@uwvp.org

Elizabeth Hyde
Sr. Director of Development
(757) 873-9328, Ext. 21| ehyde@uwvp.org

Maria Kozlowski
Accounting Assistant
(757) 873-9328, Ext. 27 | mkozlowski@uwvp.org

Mary Mendenhall | mmendanhall@uwvp.org

Karen Palmer
Administrative Assistant
(757) 873-9328 | kpalmer@uwvp.org

Savannah Patterson
Director of Marketing and Communications 
(757) 873-9328, Ext. 33 | spatterson@uwvp.org

Dianne Saldana | dsaldana@uwvp.org

Katie Schubert
NNS/HII Corporate Liasion and Director of Volunteer Engagement
(757) 636-1477 |  kschubert@uwvp.org

Lillian Taylor
Grant Writer 
(757) 873-9328, Ext. 36 | ltaylor@uwvp.org 

Charvalla West
Chief Operations Officer and Director of Community Impact
(757) 229-2222 | cwest@uwvp.org