Greater Williamsburg Trauma - Informed Community Network


"Supporting a trauma-aware, resilient and compassionate community"



Pandemic Parenting: Supporting our kids webinar - December 2nd, 2020

Family Academy Webinar


Lunch and Learn Series Materials:


Window of Tolerance - Michelle Weed




Creating a Healthy Work/Life Balance - Ellen Williams




Saving Heroes and Heroines - Dr. Allison Sampson-Jackson




Trauma and the Brain - Kit Leffel




Boundaries, Breaks and Balance - Amanda Lynch




About Us

Throughout Virginia, there are more than 19 communities coming together across disciplines around trauma-informed care. Most often in Virginia these groups form as trauma-informed community networks (TICNs).

What is a TICN?

Throughout Virginia, there over 20 communities that come together across disciplines around trauma-informed care to establish a trauma-informed community network (TICN). Guided by the framework established by the Family & Children's Trust Fund, these networks share common characteristics: spreading awareness, conducting training, support and implement new practices in schools, courts, and community services, and much more. This helps to connect practice across disciplines, identify gaps and implement trauma-informed policies and practices.

The goal of a TICN (as supported by FACT) is to “leverage the science of adverse childhood experiences and trauma to build relationships, convene regularly, and advance a common agenda around resilience”.

More about the GW-TICN

The GW-TICN includes representatives from many public and private community organizations serving individuals and families across the lifespan throughout the Greater Williamsburg area (which includes Williamsburg, James City County, York County, and Poquoson). These representatives meet regularly through General Membership meetings to share ideas and resources, as well as plan future activities and initiatives.

If you would like more information on how to join us and be part of our work, please contact Rebecca Vinroot at or by phone at 757-259-3104

There are also ways to get involved through various sub-committees:

  • Public Awareness/Training – Working with the vision statement to get the word out to the community, and develop relevant trainings for the community. *Contact and for more info.
  • Health – Targeting hospitals, clinics, behavioral health, and other treatment providers and medical professionals to conduct organizational assessments and help define what being trauma sensitive means in a healthcare setting. *Contact and for more info.
  • Legal The focus will be on enhancing trauma-informed efforts within the legal system, including law enforcement, the courts and Commonwealth’s Attorney’s office. *Contact for more info.
  • Schools – Building off of the successful launch of the “Handle with Care” collaboration with the police department for students who have experienced a traumatic event, this committee will implement initiatives learned from the “Trauma-Sensitive Schools” conference. *Contact for more info.