What We Do

What We Do

United Way is a nonprofit organization that connects businesses, local nonprofits, and social service agencies to address our community's most pressing needs by:


Who Does My Donation Help?

Your donation helps our friends and neighbors who are working hard - usually working 2 or more jobs - yet still struggling to make ends meet. United Way calls this population ALICE. ALICE stands for Asset Limited, Income Constrained, yet Employed. Your gift provides the resources ALICE needs to overcome the cycle of poverty. Learn more about ALICE here. 

100% of your gift goes back into the community! Thanks to the generosity of our Board of Directors, no administrative fees will be taken out of your gift to United Way or its collective impact agencies. 


Improving Lives Through Community Impact

United We C.A.N. 
Community Assistance Network

United Way creates Pathways out of Poverty for our neighbors in need by bringing the community together to navigate through the Virginia Peninsula's toughest challenges. To help address these challenges, the UWVP Community Assistance Network (CAN) provides relationship-based and outcome-oriented advocacy and referral services to residents of the Virginia Peninsula facing poverty-related crises. This is household level change. The CAN is building a sustainable network of organizations and people to identify gaps and connect community partners together to provide basic needs and long-term assistance to those most in need.

If you or someone you know needs assistance, call (757)-229-2222.