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Tocqueville Society

Stand up for what you’re passionate about. Make a big, lasting impact. Face challenges head-on — and know that you can make a difference. Join forces with our forward-thinking, game-changing United Way Tocqueville Society when you make a gift of $10,000 or more.

Benefits of Becoming a part of the United Way Tocqueville Society

  • INDIVIDUAL SUPPORT As a member, you’ll have access to a Donor Relations Manager who will help you personalize your giving strategy. They’ll provide you with the research and insight you need to meet your philanthropic goals. When you become a part of Tocqueville Society, you can put your gift of $10,000 to work right away—and our philanthropic funds allow you to combine your giving and be recognized for all you do in the community. We make it easy to plan your annual giving.
  • ACCESSIBILITY Our educational events allow you to dive deep into the issues you’re passionate about. From focus events to social meet-ups—there’s something for everyone. With a fresh perspective and vital information, you’ll be one step closer to creating change in your community.
  • CURATED VOLUNTEER OPPORTUNITIES We’ll connect you to a variety of ways to volunteer. Whether you’re a joiner, prefer to work one-on-one or want to enlist your family and friends—we’ll find volunteer opportunities that are tailored to you.

For more information or to make your Tocqueville gift, contact Marsha Hargette at or 757.873.9328.


Current Tocqueville Members:

Gary Behm                       Steven S. Kast

William Bell                     Tracy Keller

Charles Brown                 Hugh McCormick

Jerri Dickseski                 Kevin Murphy

William Downey              C. Michael Petters

Teresa L. Edwards           Dois Rosser

William Ermatinger         Conway Sheild

Stanley Gallaer                Skip Smith

Gordon Gentry                Charles Spencer

Kasia Grzelkowski        Cowles Spencer

Robert Hatten