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Frequently Asked Questions

Where are United Way offices located?

United Way of the Virginia Peninsula is in the Oyster Point Business Park in Newport News in the BayPort Building at Two City Center, 11820 Fountain Way, Suite 206. Our office hours are 8:15am-4:45pm, Monday through Friday.

How did United Way begin?

United Way began as a voluntary, charitable movement in 1887 in Denver, Colorado. Four clergy from different faiths recognized the need to create a community effort that focused on addressing local problems. They joined forces to create an organization to help meet local needs through a single annual fundraising campaign.

Is there more than one United Way?

There are almost 1,800 local United Ways throughout the United States-all sharing the mission of helping people in their respective communities. Their local independence provides the opportunity to find solutions to the issues and problems unique to each community. There are also United Ways throughout the world in developing countries.

What is United Way Worldwide?

United Way Worldwide (UWW) is an international service center headquartered in Alexandria, Virginia that provides leadership on issues of mutual concern among all United Ways, locally and globally.

What area does our local United Way serve?

United Way of the Virginia Peninsula serves the entire Virginia Peninsula including the cities of Hampton, Newport News, and Poquoson, and the counties of Gloucester, Mathews, and York.

What do United Ways do?

United Ways bring people and communities together to generate the financial and human resources needed to address local needs and create positive change in the community.

When I contribute money to United Way, how are my dollars used?

When you contribute to United Way, your dollars support a wide variety of programs provided by health and human service agencies in our community. These programs address everything from hunger, homelessness, violence and abuse, and affordable childcare to programs for families and children, and services for the elderly. There are also programs for health and rehabilitation, mental health services, and disaster relief. Our “Summary of Community Investments” provides the most current listing of programs supported by United Way.


How do I know United Way is focusing on the right issues?

Local volunteers-your friends and neighbors-help ensure that United Way is focusing on the most pressing needs in our community. Volunteers work with United Way’s professional staff to research community needs, visit agencies and review their programs, and talk with other funders and service providers. This is how United Way makes sure the right issues are being addressed and that programs are not being duplicated by other agencies.

How can I be sure my dollars are really going where I want them?

United Way is committed to effective and efficient operations and adheres to strict standards of accountability set forth by its volunteer Board of Directors and by United Way Worldwide. United Way is independently audited annually and uses accounting practices that conform with federal guidelines.

Who makes sure United Way is doing what it should?

United Way of the Virginia Peninsula, like other local United Ways, is governed by a volunteer board of directors. These are local citizens from various walks of life who meet regularly to insure that the organization is properly managed, held to strict standards of accountability, and to help set future organizational direction.