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Fund Distribution

When you give to your local United Way,  you are supporting one of the oldest and most efficient fund raising and fund distribution processes.

Pledges received during any given United Way campaign are distributed over a period of two years. This period of time allows for continuity and stability of funded programs, as well as the time necessary to determine how effective each program has been.

The process begins when United Way service providers apply for annual certification. Providers must meet stringent certification requirements before any of their programs can be considered for funding. Requirements include a check of each agency’s management and governance policies, program policies, and overall administrative and financial stability.

Once certified, agencies may submit programs for funding consideration.  At this point volunteers from throughout the Peninsula communities are appointed to panels that spend approximately one month making site visits to agencies and carefully reviewing the goals and objectives of each program submitted. The panels make funding recommendations to the Community Investment Team, another group of volunteers tasked with making the final funding determinations. Once the Community Investment Team has made its recommendations, dollars are earmarked for distribution to the selected agency programs.

The Summary of Community Investments is a publication of United Way that illustrates program funding through June of 2016. It includes a brief description of each program funded by United Way and the total amount awarded.

If you have questions about the Summary of Community Investments, please contact Kevin Fleming at 757.873.9328, Ext. 13.