Day of Caring

Do you know how to care for the community? Day of Caring is coming up! Anyone can join in by showing acts of kindness and by caring for others all day long on September 6, 2017. Pass it on with social media by using the hashtags #uwonemoment and #dayofcaring. If you would like to volunteer, please sign up for one of the Day of Caring projects on You can sign up as an individual or as a team; we encourage you to get your friends and coworkers involved in volunteering as well! We have over 35 projects for you and your team to choose from – there’s something for everybody! Every single person can care for the community in some way today. Whether that’s giving someone a hug, donating a few dollars, or weeding a veteran’s garden, you can care for people in need. It’s that easy! After the day is over, we will be holding a reception for all our volunteers – let us care for you after you cared for the community. The whole day will be packed with fun, food, and fellowship in caring. Sign up to volunteer today!