More than 1 Million Virginians are 'Working Poor'

Poverty is a problem in the Peninsula, and people are starting to notice. Take a look at Michele Canty’s front page article in the Daily Press: “Study: More than 1 Million Virginians are ‘Working Poor.’” This study relates a personal story as well as several statistics that eloquently explain the plight of those who are employed but still qualify as poor under the federal poverty line. United Way is working to change that. Our impact agenda, Pathways Out of Poverty, is vital to the success of our agencies and the work they are doing to help raise people out of poverty. Our work is twofold: helping those who fall under the federal poverty line, and helping those who are near that line to prevent them from slipping further into difficult situations. We are also part of a program called ALICE, which stands for Asset Limited Income Constrained, Employed – this refers to the working poor. This program works to help the working poor find financial stability so that they no longer have the threat of poverty looming overhead. Explore our website to find out more about ALICE and Pathways Out of Poverty, and about how we are working to change lives in the community.