Community Forum Wrapping Up

The Community Forum on Pathways Out of Poverty, which was held on June 21, is in its final stages of wrapping up. We recently sent out a document that held the compiled notes from the forum. These notes came from the breakout rooms: each breakout room discussed one of the ten aspirations from the Pathways Out of Poverty Impact Agenda. We wanted everyone to be able to read what was said during these important conversations: these are the ideas and words that will guide us as we work in the community and create a collective impact on those in need. If you didn’t have a chance to read our impact agenda yet, please go to our website at and read it; it’s truly worth the time. Thank you again to everyone who came out and supported this event, and to PEOPLE to PEOPLE who helped facilitate the event. This community forum is just the beginning of the work we will accomplish in the area; it is just a taste of the positive, impactful change that is coming.