Williamsburg House Project

The "Williamsburg House" story:

This 67-year old house found in Williamsburg, Virginia houses six individuals; three adults and three children. Two adults and one child have disabilities, making the state of the house very difficult for the family to live in. There is one bathroom, with limited livable space. Due to deterioration, the house is in an condemned state and requires complete tear down. There is currently no electricity on the second floor and there are holes in the floor that are stuffed with rugs to keep rodents out.  There is no stair rail to the second floor and some of the bathroom fixtures are missing, resulting in the use of tools to turn the water on and off.  Also, the ceiling is falling in because the roof is in such bad shape. 


The grandmother is the owner of the house, which was built by her father and older brother and was the house her son was born in. She watchers her three grandchildren during the day so their parents can work. The mother is a licensed cosmetologist and trained CAN (Certified Nursing Assistant).  Due to some unfortunate set backs, the mother is left with poor credit and impeding debt. They have been connected with Catholic Charities for credit and budget counseling. The father, who was unemployed, has started working full-time as a landscaper ($12/hr).  He was given information to contact Literacy for Life in order to begin studying for his GED.  The family has also been introduced to and are now receiving services from local programs to offset food expenses. 


While the family is on track for success, their home is a big portion on getting them out of their situation. With your donation, their house will be able to be torn down and rebuilt to sustain the use of their family for many years to come. The family is very appreciative of any help and looks forward to starting fresh in their family home.

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