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We are grateful for the generosity of our Community Investment Team and Panel Volunteers. These individuals donate their time and talent to evaluate agency programs in order to make recommendations for United Way funding. We sincerely thank the following:



Patrick Finneran  Newport News Public Schools

Courtney Gardner  CE Gardner Consulting

Chip Goldstein  Irving B. Goldstein, P.C.

Chavis Harris  Newport News Shipbuilding

Patricia Johnson  Hampton City Schools

Joel Kirsch  Newport News Human Services (ret)

Tim Lauth  Newport News Shipbuilding

Henry Mills  Old Point National Bank


Alan Archer  City of Newport News

Ron Bieszczad  Sentara

Malik Brice  Newport News Juvenile Services

Tom Cosgrove  Newport News Shipbuilding

Carolyn Holmes  Hampton City Schools

Michael Holmes  Booz Allen Hamilton

Phyllis Kirsch  Community Volunteer

Richard Mason  Oasis Counseling Center

Brent Mathews  Langley Air Force Base

Sherry Mathews  Langley Air Force Base

Jonathan McBride  City of Hampton, Community Development

A. Terry Morris  NASA/Langley Research Center

JoAnn Owens  Ferguson Enterprises

Kevin Pearce  Peninsula Health District

Flave Rogers  City of Newport News

Lennie Routten  Newport News Shipbuilding

Sam Samorian  Community Health Charities of Virginia

Wayne Silver  Newport News Shipbuilding

Mark Woodard  The Chesapeake

Sherry Wright  City of Newport News, Public Works