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Volunteers for the Over the Edge Event on Saturday, May 5, 2018.

Please read the volunteer positions below then fill out the webform to sign up for a specific volutneer position.  

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Volunteer Position


  • Use the master schedule to determine which participants will be arriving for which registration time. Ensure they are at the correct registration time and check them off as they register.
  • Have them complete a participant waiver and bring it with them to staging 
  • Provide them with a wrist band
  • Provide each participant with a name tag that is clearly visible 
  • Collect all droppable items from participants including phones, keys, coins, etc. 
  • For the first 1.5-2 hours, send participants to Staging as they arrive 
  • After about 2 hours, have participants come together in groups of 2-6 
  • Radio staging to see if they are ready for next group 
  • People will come late (and early), but do your best to keep them in their designated groups. 
  • The goal is to move participants through the process efficiently and quickly 


  • Ask each participant to double-check their pockets and provide a safe place for these valuables to be stored until after the event. 
  • Manage GoPro use & charging 
  • Duties as assigned on-site by Over The Edge Staging Manager 

Rappeler Escorts

  • Assigned to lead participant groups through different stages of the event 
  • Registration to staging; brings groups of 2-6 to the staging area, returns to registration to wait for next group. 
  • Staging to Training (roof); brings groups of 2-6 to the roof, returns to staging to wait for next group 

Landing Zone- Gear Runners

  • Meet rappelers at ground exclusion zone to escort them back to Staging to remove gear; 
  • OR meet rappelers at ground exclusion zone to take off their gear, and run the gear back to the staging room

Roof Top Security at Enterance

  • High level volunteer to be stationed at the last access point to the roof to ensure that only waiver volunteers and participants can access the roof. 
  • It is very important for this person be assertive and confident in stopping anyone trying to gain access to the roof that should not be there.

Roof Top Radio

  • Volunteer stationed on the roof to let announcer know who is rappelling, when they go over and what rope they are on 
  • Organize participants away from the edge and ensure there is an order to who is next in line 
  • Communicate with the Announcer/MC who is going over and who is next 
  • OTE Techs will not be able to radio down to the announcer 

Landing Zone Announcer

  • It is your job is to let spectators know who is rappelling and on what rope 
  • Have one person monitor the radio and communicate with the Roof Top Radio Volunteer on who is going over and who is “on deck” 
  • Announce who is currently rappelling and who will be rappelling next. 
  • Add info about the nonprofit, person rappelling or how to participate next year from the nonprofit provided fact sheet. 


  • If available, will assist other staff 

Rope Volunteers  *Works Friday & Saturday for Media Day and Event Day

1. Watch a 1 hour online video before the event (if first time as Ropes Volunteer) 
2. Attend a 3-hour training session on Media/VIP day (if first time as Ropes Volunteer) 
3. Volunteer all day on event day 
**Time permitting Rope volunteers will get to rappel the building as part of their training.

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