United Way Community Resource Center

If you need help and live in Williamsburg, James City County, or upper York County, call the United Way Community Resource Center (CRC). The CRC provides direct assistance and referrals to other organizations and agencies for those needing assistance with basic needs. 


What We Do: 

CONNECT available services and programs in our area to form an effective safety net for those facing poverty-based crises  

PROVIDE ACCOUNTABILITY for self-directed progress; and  

IDENTIFY AND FILL THE GAPS in resources especially for underserved populations 

  • Advocacy
  • Self Sufficiency Screening
  • Emergency Utility Assistance
  • Eviction Prevention
  • Basic Necessities (food, clothing, diapers, toiletries)
  • Virginia Employment Commission Workforce Site
  • Referrals to: Community Agencies, Faith Partners, Health Services, Emergency Shelter and Housing Services, Transitional and Supportive Housing Programs, Information about Programs and Resources, and Monthly Food Distribution

While we work to provide immediate assistance to urgent needs for our clients, we recognize that there are greater challenges to their sustainability that must be addressed in order to break the cycle of crisis and poverty. Our focus is to foster independence through our screening process and by connecting clients to services that can have a long-term impact on their social, financial, and educational capabilities. 


"Improving the quality of life for people in our community by helping them live their best possible lives." -UWVP mission