Loaned Executive Program

Each Fall, when large numbers of area companies hold their workplace giving campaigns, a group of Loaned Executives (LE) works with the United Way to help raise our visibility and reach our fundraising goal.

Concentrated into just four months, it’s hard work, but also a tremendous opportunity to get acquainted with local issues and those working on them. It’s also a chance to network in the business community and make contacts that can later benefit the Loaned Executive’s company.

Companies typically choose rising stars for their Loaned Execs, or alternatively seasoned leaders who can add particular value thanks to deep experience. Regardless, if it is a rising star or a seasoned leader, everyone wins, especially our community! 

How It Works

United Way’s Loaned Executive Program serves as an excellent vehicle for dynamic men and women to share their professional talents. They will go through a training program which will educate the LEs about the structure of the United Way, its role in the community and how we are helping. The LE should expect to spend 20 hours a week assisting the United Way.

The United Way will train employees in:

  • Public speaking
  • Setting and reaching goals
  • Project management
  • Networking with local businesses
  • Working with diverse populations
  • Team building

What You Gain

  • Loaned Executives gain valuable new business contacts and are able to promote your company
  • Employees gain an understanding and appreciation for the difference they make for themselves and for their company.
  • Exposure to the critical issues facing our community.
  • Contact with Community Leaders
  • Knowing you are helping make a difference in our community. 

For more information on the Loaned Executive program please call 757-229-2222; press 2 or email