Kindness United


Be Kind: Kindness Creates Community. This is what we want to resonate throughout our community. This statement, and the goals surrounding it, is what will create our community.

Kindness is such a simple thing that can grow and change a moment, a life or an entire community. We want to create one collective community, and the only route to do this is through kindness. We want a culture of kindness, with neighbors helping neighbors, all individuals feeling welcomed, and people that feel safe, loved, and joyful in living on the Virginia Peninsula. Kindness is not a new concept, but boy it is revolutionary; and when we come together to create a community with kindness at its core, who could be against us?

From this kindness movement, we hope to achieve a community that individuals feel different in and want to stay in. Children will learn, not only in schools, but the entire community, the importance of being kind. Adults will see how even small acts of kindness can change the lives of family, friends, and themselves. Businesses will become more efficient with their employees thoroughly enjoying the workplace they spend their day in, and the Virginia Peninsula will become a place of kindness overall that visitors will want to continue to visit.

Now these are big goals, and it starts with us. We want you to help spearhead this community of kindness. Let’s create a community of kindness together.

Share an Act of Kindness

Watch kindness spread by sharing an act of kindness you did or saw someone else do HERE. 


“You might believe kindness isn’t revolutionary, isn’t dangerous, isn’t speaking truth to power, but to the beneficiaries, to the ones look on who’ve let the cynicism of the world win too often? It might just wake souls & salve sounds & foster peace in ways you never imagined.”

-Alia Joy