First Call


If you NEED HELP with food, shelter, rent, utilities or other basic needs, call FirstCall.  This information and referral telephone hotline is staffed by operators who will talk with you to determine your needs and refer you to the community services that may be able to help. First Call works with United Way Partner Agencies and other community organizations to help those in need.  Please call 757-594-4636 for assistance.

When should someone call First Call?

Anyone in need who resides in Hampton, Newport News, or Lower York County can call First Call at any time.  Some of the information and referrals provided may be limited to certain days, hours, and locations.

First Call information is available at the following times:
Information and Referrals for local organizations: Monday through Friday, 8:30 am – 6:00 pm

Year-round shelter information:  24 hours/ 7 days a week

Winter Months Shelter: 24 hours/ 7 days a week from November- March

What can First Call provide information and referrals for?

·         Food

·         Utility assistance

·         Rent assistance

·         Shelter

·         Clothing

·         Eyeglasses

·         Diapers/formula

·         Meal locations

·         And More

What information will First Call ask for?

To get the process started First Call requires the following:

·         Social Security Number

·         Name

·         Address

·         Date of Birth

·         Phone Number

Other information may be required depending on services needed.  Other information may be:

·         Number of children, adults, and seniors in the household

·         To pick up for food assistance:

o   Food recipient will need Picture ID with current address/residency (if the address is not the same, then proof of current address/residency required).

o   Social Security Card for self and any additional residents if claiming multiple members of a household. 

Does First Call have translators for different languages?

First Call does not provide translation services, but the caller can have their own interpreter translate for them once the caller has stated their name and or social security number and that they have a translator.

What is the process when someone calls First Call?

When you call First Call, the operator will:

1.       Ask for personal information from the caller to assess the need(s) and availability of assistance for the need(s) within the caller’s local area.

2.       First Call operator will:

a.       Provide the caller with a phone number for one or more organizations or businesses that can provide assistance for the need(s). 

b.       If a referral is needed, the First Call operator will place the caller on a brief hold to contact the organization and provide the referral, then they will give the caller further instructions regarding the referral as needed.

3.        The caller then:

a.        Contacts the numbers provided to request assistance for the needs they have.  The organization may require more information, forms, or an in-person appointment in order to assist with what is needed.

b.       If a referral is provided, the caller needs to follow the instructions of the referral, which could be an address, specific time or date to arrive or additional materials or information to bring. 

**First Call does not guarantee availability or eligibility for financial assistance but, provides information about agencies and programs that may assist based on their unique capacities and criteria.