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FamilyWize Prescription Drug Discount Card Information

Where Does it Come From? The Prescription Drug Discount Card is offered by FamilyWize. 

It’s free. There is no cost to you for this donated card and you can start saving money on your prescription drugs immediately.

No Restrictions. Use your card as often as you need, for any prescription, for everyone in your family.

Your Savings.  The card can save you and your family an average of 20% (about $9.25) on eight out of ten prescriptions. You will always receive the lower of the discounted price or the pharmacy’s retail price. Your cost for medication will be the discount price offered through this program, or the pharmacy’s usual and customary retail price, whichever is lower. This means you are assured the lowest price in that store at the time you purchase the medication. If the pharmacy’s price is lower, there is no savings or discount.

This is Not Health Insurance. Discounts are available only at participating pharmacies. There are more than 55,000 participating pharmacies across the United States. Most major chains, including Walgreens, Eckerd, Rite-Aid, and CVS are participating. To find the pharmacy nearest you, visit the FamilyWize Web site at

Other Features:

  • For people with NO prescription drug coverage.
  • Anyone may use the program at pharmacies within the United States.
  • It cannot be used with other prescription cards, but can be used for prescriptions excluded by your insurance paln, or those not covered because you have exceeded your insurance plan's maximum limits.
  • All FDA approved brand and generic prescription medications are covered.


For more information visit the FamilyWize Web site: